Welcome to The Driving Project

The Driving Project was established in 2010 by advanced instructors Matthew Best and Lee Bonnici. Our ethos is to educate younger drivers from 10+ , as evidence has suggested that drivers become safer on the road when they undergo under 17 lessons.

We have a variety of packages to choose from as you scroll through the website and learn more about the benefits of under 17 lessons.

There are packages for adults too. Over 60% of new learners who are old enough to book lessons on the road find that learning is too stressful and give up because of the amount of traffic on the road which can become overwhelming. We have a private site which mimics all the things you find on the road. With limited traffic, the learner can focus on controlling the vehicle and learning all the basics without worrying about keeping the car safe from fast and impatient drivers. Please feel free to learn as much as you can before speaking to a member of the team.

What does The Driving Project do?

Confidence Booster

This is for under 17s and adults that require a special course to help them overcome the anxiety of driving.

Kids Parties

From age 10+, this is a fun experience your child will never forget. We can cater for a maximum of 4 children per vehicle.

Kick Start & Safe Start

This is a two-hour lesson for anyone from 14+. Ideal for a birthday present or any other special occasion. If you enjoy the experience you can book our safe start sessions which is a gradual learning course over ten hours.

Schools and Clubs
Are you a teacher looking to bring under 17 lessons to your school?